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Unlock Your Potential and Build a Lucrative, Long-Term Revenue Stream with the Akhzir’s Referral Program

Akhzir's Partner Program

Join Akhzir’s Partner Program to unlock a range of benefits and opportunities. Earn lucrative commissions, access exclusive resources, receive dedicated support, expand your network, collaborate flexibly, and enjoy ongoing incentives. Start your journey towards growth, profitability, and success today.

From Referral Partners to Business Associates

Join the Akhzir Referral Partner Program and Cultivate Fruitful, Long-Term Business Relationships

At Akhzir, we believe in building strong and enduring partnerships with our referral partners. Our Referral Partner Program aims to support and assist you every step of the way. As a valued partner, we provide you with comprehensive training sessions, delving into the top-notch development and marketing services that we offer.

 During these one-on-one meetings, we ensure that you gain a thorough understanding of Akhzir’s work. This knowledge equips you to effectively identify and target clients who are most likely to convert into revenue for you. We want to empower you with the tools and insights needed to make strategic and successful referrals.

As a Akhzir referral partner, you become an integral part of our professional network, driven by qualities such as quality, experience, professionalism, and growth. Together, we can forge strong business relationships that deliver mutual benefits and pave the way for long-term success.

Join the Akhzir Referral Partner Program today and unlock a world of opportunities to thrive in the digital development and marketing industry. Let us collaborate and build a prosperous future together.

Become a part of our Referral Partner Program.

Simply fill out the form  with your information, and our team will promptly contact you to provide further details about the program and its conditions.

Become a Referral Partner

Afterwards, we will send you a referral partner agreement that comprehensively outlines the enduring advantages of your program membership. Upon signing the document, you will officially join our esteemed community as a referral partner.

Start Referring

Once you reach this stage, simply provide us with the referral information. We will take care of contacting the referral directly and finalizing the deal. As a result, you will receive a commission of up to 15% based on the project’s closing figures.

As a valued Akhzir Referral Partner, your role is to submit your referral to our team. We will take the initiative to engage with them, comprehensively understanding their goals, and ultimately closing the deal. Rest assured that once the client officially signs with Akhzir, we will promptly notify you of the successful outcome.

Experience the rewards of client referrals by becoming a member of the Akhzir’s referral partner program.

Common Questions about the Referral Program for Software Development and Marketing

We welcome anyone in the industry to share their contacts and benefit financially from referring.

You will receive commission payments on a quarterly basis. 

You will be paid 30 days after the end of the every quarter in which Akhzir received payment from the client referral.

You will receive your commission for a duration of up to 5 years during our agreement with the prospect you referred.

Yes. Get in touch, and we will work out the finer details of your contract.

We invite you to refer to us as many other companies, friends, and associates as you choose. There is no limit. 

Yes. As our referral partner, you will also benefit from any other projects we might close with the client for the first five years of our contract. 

No. Once you are added to our referral partner program, you can continue sending us your prospects without any extra steps.

Get in touch to join the Akhzir Referral Partner Program!

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