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What is an SEO report?

seo report

What is an SEO report?

An SEO report is a document that provides you with a snapshot of your search engine rankings, and the page rank of your website. It also shows the number of visitors on your site, and the number of pages on it.

An SEO report also tells you about the type of keywords that are ranking for, and which keywords are driving traffic to your site. It will tell you what is working in your market and what isn’t. 

What does an SEO report contain?

An SEO report contains information about:

1. The keywords that are ranking for

2. The number of pages that rank for those keywords

3. The amount of traffic each keyword is driving to your site

4. The page rank of your website

5. Any other metrics you choose to track on your site such as bounce rate, visitor’s time on site, etc.

How does an SEO report help?

An SEO report can tell you where your business is ranking for a particular keyword, and how many people are searching for it. The more keywords that rank for, the more traffic you will get. This will drive more visitors to your website. The higher the visitors to your site, the higher your page rank will be. If you have a low page rank then people won’t find your website as easily and this could cause you not to get as many visitors to your site. An easy way of getting a high page rank is by using keywords that are popular in your industry and ranking highly for them on Google. That way when people search for these keywords they are going to find your website first because it’s high in the rankings.

An SEO report can also tell you what is working in your market so you can make adjustments if something isn’t working well or is causing problems with search engine rankings or traffic to your website. If there are any pages on your site that aren’t ranking very well then an SEO report can show you which pages aren’t ranking, so you can make changes to those pages so that they do rank better on Google and drive more traffic to them.

How do I get an SEO report?

You can get an SEO report from services such as SEMRush and Moz, or you can use a free tool such as Open Site Explorer, WebSite Auditor or Screaming Frog. You can also use Google Analytics to get a report about your website and see what keywords are ranking for. This is a better option than using a free tool because Google Analytics shows you a lot more information about your site including how many visitors and how much traffic each keyword is driving to your website. You can also see if there are any pages on your website that aren’t ranking well which tells you what needs to be changed in order to make those pages rank better on Google. If there are any pages on your site that don’t rank well then this tells you what type of content isn’t working well so that you can change it.

What websites have an SEO report?

There are lots of websites that provide reports about search engine rankings, traffic, etc. Here are some:




Open Site Explorer (this is free)

How do I know what keywords to target?

If you want to rank for specific keywords then you need to find out which keywords are popular in your market and use them in your content. If you don’t rank for a particular keyword then this means that it’s not a popular keyword. So, the more popular the keyword is, the more traffic and rankings you will get. The more traffic and rankings means the more visitors to your website. This could be an instant boost to your website’s rankings. This could be because people will see that there is useful information on your website and they will click on links from other websites linking to it because they want to visit it too! 

There are lots of ways to find out what keywords are popular in your market. One way is to use a tool such as Google Adwords Keyword Planner. You can also use a free tool such as Wordtracker or Google Trends to see what keywords people have been searching for over the past few years. If you want more information about how to use these tools then read this article:

How do I know which keywords to target?

You can’t target all the possible keywords. You will only be able to focus on a few key phrases that you think will bring you the best results and traffic. This could be because they’re the most competitive, because they have high search volume or because they’re valuable terms that your customers are searching for (for example, if you sell toys then it’s good if people search for ‘toy’ rather than ‘toy store’ or ‘toys’). You need to make sure that you’re targeting the right keywords so that your website has a high chance of ranking well on Google and driving visitors from other websites to it. If there are any pages on your website that aren’t ranking well.

What are the different types of SEO reports?

As well as the standard organic search reports, you can also get some more in-depth reports about your website. These include your traffic, bounce rate and time on site reports. These are:

SEO Keyword Reports:

SEMrush has a keyword report that shows you what keywords people are searching for on Google. You can use this to see where you’re ranking for each keyword and which other websites are ranking for these same keywords. You can then focus your efforts on these keywords if you want to rank higher for them. Also see how many visitors those other websites get from Google each month. This is useful because it tells you where to target your content so that it gets more traffic and rankings.

SEMrush also has a ‘Trending Keywords’ report which shows you the search terms that are trending in your market. This can help you see if there’s a new keyword that you should be targeting and it can also help you see if there are any other websites competing with yours for the same keywords.

Competition Analysis:

SEMrush also has a ‘Competition Analysis’ report which shows you how your website is performing against other websites in your market. You can then use this information to decide what keywords to target to improve your rankings and traffic.

Traffic Competition Analysis:

SEMrush also has a ‘Traffic Competition Analysis’ report which shows. How many visitors each of your competitors gets from Google each month. This will show you where to focus your efforts if you want more visitors from Google searches. You may want to focus on pages that get fewer visitors from Google. Or those with higher bounce rates or lower time on site rates.

SEO Site Map:

SEMrush also has a ‘SEO Site Map’ report which gives you an overview of your website. This report shows you the keywords, URL’s and tags that you currently have indexed. You can also see how many pages on your website are ranked in the search engines and how many backlinks each page has. These are useful reports to look at when you’re trying to decide on new content. Or changes to existing content so that it ranks better in the search engines.

Keyword Competition:

SEMrush also has a ‘Keyword Competition’ report. Which shows the number of times each keyword is searched for on Google in your market compared to other keywords that are similar to it. This can help you decide if there’s a new, more competitive keyword that you should be targeting. Or if there are any keywords that are too competitive that could hurt your rankings and traffic.

SEO Analytics:

SEMrush also has a ‘SEO Analytics’ report. Which shows you how many clicks each of your pages receives from Google. You can then use this information to decide on changes. That you can make to your content to make it better for Google and improve your rankings.

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